Engine damage

Engine damage? Can become expensive. We buy cars with engine damage

The causes of engine damage are many and varied. The best known is probably a piston seizure. Due to lack of lubrication or wear, the piston rubs the cylinder and, in the worst case, gets stuck. Then the piston and at least the cylinder liners are defective, and often other components as well. A normal repair is often not worthwhile because, in addition to the cost of parts, a considerable amount of work is involved. 

Another type of major damage is a broken timing chain or timing belt. Here, the valves often collide with the pistons. New valves are expensive enough in terms of labor alone. If the cylinder head or pistons are also defective, depending on the age of the car and engine, this is a total economic loss. The same damage can occur if the timing belt or timing chain jumps. Then the control systems of the valves are no longer correct and they hit the pistons under enormous load. Of course, the valves themselves can also tear off or break - with the same damage pattern. 

A crack of the engine block, the cylinder liners or already the cylinder head is worth depending on the age of the vehicle an engine exchange, a new cylinder head or the liners and pistons - or not. Cash For Cars is also happy to purchase these vehicles. 

Plain bearings on the crankshaft or in the cylinder head wear out with too little lubrication or due to high mileage. The bearings themselves are cheap, but to repair them you have to take the whole engine or cylinder head apart and rebuild it - very expensive in terms of labor. 

Expensive damage can also be non-direct engine damage. A high-pressure injection or some control units and on-board computers cost considerable sums. Easier are cracked exhaust manifolds. Their replacement is relatively simple if the engine compartment is not too obstructed. 

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